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Each one has their own specific strips. As for the features you can refer to each meter user manuals. Can you please be specific, not so very vague? The difference is in the meters and their features.


Contour Next is the next generation of Contour, has a wider variety of meters therefore has more to offer. Contour and Contour Next are different. Your answer is not related! Contour Next is more popular than regular Contour though both test strips are equally reliable as far as accuracy of readings is concerned.

The difference is in their perspective meters. Contour Next meters have more variety and features than Contour meters. No they cannot. Bayer Contour test strips for use with Bayer Contour meter s only. Appreciate your kind advise. Both are made by the same manufacturer, Bayer, but have slightly different features with Contour NEXT being the next generation of the regular Contour strips. They both work equally well when it comes to home glucose monitoring.

I kindly ask you to tell me if the Contou plus test strips work in the contour next meter. I Romania there are only Contour plus meters and strips and I have a Contour next meter brought from Germany by my daughter. Thank you. Please tell me if the contour plus test strips work in the contour next meter. I mention that in Romania there are only contour plus meters and strips and I have a contour next meter brought from Germany by my daughter. Thank you for your comment.

You can verify that by reading the footprints on the meter box or the user-manual.

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Oare ati reusit sa aflati daca sunt valabile testele Contour plus pe aparatul Contour next? Vin si eu dupa 2 ani de zile cu intrebarea asta :. They cannot be interchanged with Contour Next. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Remember me Log in. Lost your password?

Free Contour USB Glucose Meter

Your personal information will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Rated 5.

Rated 4. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice. Marjorie Liss says: What is the variable plus or minus of the contour meter?

Blood Glucose Meter Program Changes

July 4, at am Reply. DiabeticOutlet says: You should be able to find those on the test strips vial or in the user manual. Sue says: I see various other sellers of Contour Next test strips, other than Bayer. Are these reliable? June 29, at am Reply. June 8, at pm Reply. June 11, at am Reply.

FREE 2 Month Trial of SiriusXM Radio Streaming (Access To Over 300 Channels!)

March 21, at pm Reply. DiabeticOutlet says: No you cannot.

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Currently the blood glucose level tests are doing with a special device - glucose meter aka glucometer , or glucose monitor. Basic glucose meters are not very expensive themselves, but they use supplement - special glucose test strips. A diabetic needs one strip for each test and it can be expensive enough. The good news are that more states are passing laws to further expand health coverage regarding diabetes.


In May, , 46 states had the laws requiring health insurance coverage to include diabetes treatment. As of , Georgia and Wisconsin passed an expansion of current coverage requirements. In Hawaii adopted a resolution to clarify its mandate of diabetes education coverage. The above means that most diabetes patients who have medical health insurance , can get free diabetic supplies including the glucose meter.

Diabetic Monitors - Deals & Discounts | Groupon

Way 1 The Best Since several mail order companies, specialized in diabetes supplement, have created their online presences. They offer to fill in a form on their site and than they call to patient for more details regarding their free diabetic supplies. Way 2 Some pharmacy stores offer a glucometer for free when you buy some amount of test strips from them. In this case you don't need to have medical insurance, but you have to pay money for strips. This is not truly "free glucometer" offer. Consider that as a kind of discount. Way 3 Getting a free meter directly from producing companies.

Health insurance is needed also. This is not guaranteed way, because such offers are not constant. Step 3: Enter your contact information.

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