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Forgot your password? By Leogunner , May 31 in Brute. I've been having quite a time with this Brute and when I say that, I mean he's been a hassle to deal with Is it just me or is Savage Melee very meh? Considering the powerset's mechanic, I run out of endurance pretty quickly and it's only gotten slightly better as I've gotten more slot opportunities but up to the current level lvl 30 , there's been ups and downs and now I'm on a downturn because the damage output just hasn't gotten there.

The other side might be the secondary I picked with it, Electric Armor. It's done me no favors and was a real drag until 28 when I got the heal. It also eats up nearly all my Endurance despite the little discount I get from the primary. I'm going to respec him soon to get rid of the old IOs I have on him to slot new stuff but just wanted to hear the consensus of the set. Here's a quick screenie of the build:.

I've run Electric Armor before and it is a bit of a drag until you get the heal and drain but Savage Melee just doesn't have the tools, it seems, to smooth out the early game. Savage only has the 1 chance of knockdown and Hemorrhage seems quite underwhelming at moderate fury. What say you? While I can somewhat get over the lack of damage, I'm still wondering if maybe the skills are bugged.

With max blood frenzy, Hemorrhage does 6 DoTs and adds about 10ish damage scaled to level 30 to each DoT and exhausts you. I want to say this set needs more than this.

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They could probably stand to do one or a few things to add to the set:. It's currently like 12 seconds. Why not shorten it 4 seconds?

Woot Founder’s Next Project Is A New Daily Deals Site Called ‘Meh.’

A knockup looks perfect. Would like a ToHit bonus when at max blood stacks too to help the whole "efficiency" angle the set seems to be targetting but that's probably asking too much. Maybe not reduce or remove the exhaustion duration but increase the duration of Blood Thirst to 20 seconds and add the effect that makes you immune to exhaustion for its duration. Not sure why the Brute experience would be so poor.

If the individual hits are smaller than with other powersets, they come noticably faster than with other powersets.


I am not experiencing any lack of capability in putting opponents down timewise. It's probably that Bio Armor is rather overtuned. It's AoE heal is rather broken for how little slotting it needs too. The lack of capability of the primary set comes with it's lack of mitigation and lack of punch.

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Like I said, Savage only has Viscious Slash and it's only a chance of knockdown. I haven't gotten Savage Leap yet so maybe the damage is made up there but still no mitigation. It's also possible that powers are bugged on Brute. Bleeds are random and I haven't done any sort of testing or anything but I'm betting that with Critical Hits, the amount of extra damage might be calculated using the max possible damage value rather than a random roll.

It's also possible that Savage Melee is more of a Rogue type set just without the cool tools and unfit for the more Center Stage style that Tanker or Brute need.

Tinder now lets you 'Super Like' someone, still no 'Super Meh' button

I'd like to hear more: statements of what the set does well, the kinds of missions you take, criticisms or expectations or perhaps dialog on some of the ideas in my previous post. And those sets also have more mitigation and punch. It has to be THE slowest activating attack buff in a melee set for very little payoff. I did not say the attacks were faster than ALL other powersets, I said than other powersets.

Upside of fast attacks is that if you miss on one, another attack is coming soon. Its consistent damage vs slower attacks where if you miss. I am not sure it is fair to criticize the set for lack of controls when its perk is minor DoTs all over the place. I find myself more often in Offensive or Defensive Adaptation than Efficient but some of that is influenced by the nature of the primary it is paired with.

Another difference in experience comes down I suspect to the Fury mechanic. As a scrapper, my character starts at his max damage output whereas you need to work up to it. I can see its benefit to SM as it grants both a heal and endurance regain. Sadly it does not also boost damage output like Shield or Fire. Even so, a bit of perma-Hasten and slotting up Energize and Power Sink, and I suspect you will have a pretty decent solo character. The question is what type of damage are you expecting Savage Melee to output.

Your Savage Leap power is autohit. Your Savage Leap AoE power had a Brawl power had a Charged Bolts power had a Your Vicious Slash power had a Lightning Bolt power had a Adv Sub Machine Gun power had a Your Shred power had a Automatic Pistol power had a I was making a comparison to sets that are fast and have extra mitigation utility. I'm trying to find why Savage doesn't have them. That is why I made this thread, I'm trying to figure out what niche the set fits into not talking about concept-wise and how the set stands out.

I'm not here trying to shit on your heroes, I'm asking if the set can be improved lol. Also, I haven't played Rad melee but from looking at the set, it's gimmick seems to be spreading single target damage into multi-target damage.

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That's probably why the attacks are balanced to be slower. On comparison to Fire melee, another set whose gimmick is DoT and has no mitigation, is also one of the most offensive sets, deals fire typed damage and isn't slowed down. Why not? That was one of my initial observations of the set in that Blood Frenzy gives you minor endurance and recharge bonuses. My observation comes from using a set that has no endurance management early on Electric Armor and has a need to reduce endurance costs. I'd say take a look at the build I posted and tell me what is wrong. In many situations, expending blood frenzy felt harmful for lack of return and if you become exhausted, you are required to manage it either via Blood Thirst or just not utilize max blood stacks in the first place.

My criticism of that particular mechanic is, is it a feature you're meant to capitalize on think Radiation Melee's contamination gimmick or a limiting factor to balance a strong boon the set has think Titan Weapons' momentum? Or is it neither? Am I using the mechanic wrong? That's the nature of the powerset system though talking about how the character will eventually work out , but I'm specifically looking for tricks and tips for the set, it's areas of expertise, what to pair it with and what to not pair it with, or how to make the set better.

For example, Dark melee: it's niche is being mainly a damage type that isn't commonly resisted and doesn't have many AoEs but it can bolster your attack to a ridiculous degree via Soul Drain and it's single target damage is fast and effective. Couple it with a defense set and the heal will make it easier when you take shots and paired with a resist set, Touch of Fear and the set's -ToHit can make you near untouchable to a few targets. I'm here to state my experiences that the endurance discount of Savage is moderately small whose impact is more felt when you use up your blood frenzy rather than when you are rocking with max stacks.

Tinder now lets you 'Super Like' someone, still no 'Super Meh' button | TechRadar

The recharge bonus I could see being useful for clicky armor sets though I'm asking what sells this set. Why would you pick this set instead of Claws? What does this set do that other sets don't or not as well? What tradeoffs does this set make to do what it does? You tell me. Do you feel the set does good damage? How useful has the set's utility been to you? As the title says, I've come into the thread with the experience that the set is meh. In the back of my head, I have to wonder if Savage Leap is just so good that it makes the set that fun to play.

That's why I'm asking on the forums because just looking at it, Savage Leap looks pretty meh still. The only boon so far that has shined through is the skill animations look nice. Also, Bio armor is It's one power alone Boundless Energy makes it so I can get away with no endurance slotting and shifting back into efficiency mode, I can practically never run out of endurance.