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  1. 48 hours on . . . the Amalfi Coast, an insider guide to the most seductive place in Italy
  2. How to reach Napoli Pizza Village by taxi
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Maschio Angioino, known as Castel Nuovo, was commissioned by Charles of Anjou, the head of the French dynasty in Naples, because having failed to find a suitable place to live in Castel Capuano, he decided to build himself a fortified palace by the sea. He chose the area known as Campus oppidi, where there was a small Franciscan church. This egg is capable of protecting the city and its people from disaster or danger.

Virgil is supposed to have hidden it in some secret place in the castle, preserved in a glass jar placed inside a metal cage. The history of Naples is richly interwoven with stories linked to the existence of foreign communities who had settled in Naples for reasons of trade and commerce. A group of merchants and sailors from Alexandria in Egypt settled in the area to the far East of the lower plateia of Neapolis, known as piazzetta Nilo today.

48 hours on . . . the Amalfi Coast, an insider guide to the most seductive place in Italy

The horn is the most famous symbol of Neapolitan superstition. Lots of doors and balconies sport huge bunches of red peppers instead, because their hot seeds symbolically ward off evil tongues. We no longer remember what the horn really means. We touch it without knowing why. Yet the horn is none another than a stylisation of a phallus, that of the Grecoroman god Priapus, guardian of the lands, protector from the evil eye and god of prosperity, the house and fishing.

Approx , people live in the 18 towns at the base of Mount Vesuvius which comprises the "red zone.

Directly in the line of fire, the 9-mile kilometer radius of people stand little chance of survival when Vesuvius explodes again. In Naples there is the Vesuvius Observatory which monitors seismic activity, gas emissions and other indicators 24 hours a day to know at the earliest point when the Volcano may blow. Naples is home to Pompeii and Herculaneum, these two famous sites which were destroyed and conserved by the eruption of 79 AD of Mount Vesuvius.

How to reach Napoli Pizza Village by taxi

The province of Naples is the most densely populated in Italy. It has an area of 1, For more information and to book a tour from Rome to visit the city of Naples and the ruins of Pompeii you can Book a Tour Here. We must check if you are human!

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Case Vacanza Italia, appartamenti e ville in affitto -

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Pagoda Hotel, Ischia

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